22 February 2008

Barenboim, Meier, Botha and Pape

[Updated 6 June 08 with info about Simon O'Neill singing Siegmund]

Richard Wagner: Die Walküre 1. act
Oslo Opera House 20 August 2008
Daniel Barenboim and the West Eastern Divan Orchestra
Sieglinde: Waltraud Meier

Siegmund: Simon O'Neill Johan Botha

Hunding: René Pape
Some tickets are still available (best seats: £100). See Operaen.no

As mentioned before, Waltraud Meier will sing Sieglinde in the new opera house here in Oslo 20 August. This will be the most exciting event for me (I think) this year. The concert performance of Die Walküre, act 1 will also feature Simon O'NeillJohan Botha as Siegmund and René Pape as Hunding. This will be my first meeting with Johan Botha, and the expectations are high. René Pape as Hunding must be a perfect match.

The West Eastern Divan Orchestra began in 1999 as an experiment. It was founded by Barenboim and Edward Said. The young musicians are Israeli, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian and Egyptian. The aim of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is to promote understanding between Israelis and Palestinians and pave the way for a peaceful and fair solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Daniel Barenboim has profound insights into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which you can read more about on his homepage.

(Picture showing Waltraud Meier as Isolde in Peter Konwitschny's production of Tristan und Isolde in Munich.)

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