16 February 2008

Can Torsten Kerl be the Wagner tenor we are waiting for?

There aren't any perfect Wagner tenors around. So when you go to see a Tristan or a Siegfried, you can only hope for the best. One interesting singer that may (and this is a big "may") develope into the Wagner tenor we are waiting for is Torsten Kerl. Time will show. Below is his Wagner schedule the next years as it is when this is written.

Oper Köln: Tannhäuser (Tannhäuser). March, April, May
Covent Garden: Erik (Der fliegende Holländer). February, March

Glyndebourne Festival: Tristan (Tristan und Isolde). Juni - August

Deutsche Oper Berlin: Rienzi (Rienzi). January, February and between April and June

Paris Operá Bastille: Siegfried (Siegfried). March, April
Paris Operá Bastille: Siegfried (Götterdämmerung). June, July

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Chiliarches said...

Hello. Ran across your post via a Google search.

He'll also be doing Act I of Die Walküre at Chicago's Grant Park Music Festival in August.

From what little I've heard of him, he seems one of the best out there--he sounds like he has more edge to his voice than Heppner, for example. I look forward to his appearance here.

Hank said...

I just heard Torsten Kerl last night (September 23, 2008) in 'Die Tote Stadt'.

He was absolutely impeccable.

I had a seat in the 6th row of the orchestra, and his voice, rich, lovely, under perfect control, rang though the house magnificently. He stood out even in an otherwise first-rate cast.

Is he the next Jon Vickers?

I heard Vickers in that same opera house in 1972 (or so) and can still remember the experience.

I have been disappointed with just about every heldentenor I've heard live ever since (including at Bayreuth).

Until last night.

I have high hopes for this guy.

He's singing Tristan in Glyndebourne next year, but unfortunately my budget does not allow traveling 6K miles to hear one performance.

However, I WAS impressed last night and will, as you say, 'hope for the best,' in the future, which in this case just might be pretty good.

Hank Mooney
San Francisco

Phil said...

...and I heard him last night in Die Tote Stadt at Covent Garden. Perhaps he seemed a little underpowered at the beginning, but who could blame him with such an immense role ahead of him. He grew into the part magnificently tho. It really was an excellent perfomrnace.