23 February 2008

Who are you? Which country are you from?

It is very likely that a person who reads this is from the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France or Japan. Here are the nationalities of this blog's visitors the last three months:

1. United States 2. Germany 3. United Kingdom 4. France 5. Japan 6. Canada 7. Netherlands 8. Austria 9. Spain 10. Italy 11. Denmark 12. Switzerland 13. Sweden 14. Australia 15. Ukraine 16. Greece 17. Mexico 18. New Zealand 19. Poland 20. Portugal

It is also likely that you have found the blog searching for one of these keywords in the search engines:

1. annamia eriksson 2. siegfried horn call 3. heinz zednik bayreuth 4. waltraud meier 5. opera wagner blog 6. heinz zednik 7. jeannine altmeyer 8. wagner opera blog 9. winterstuerme + wagner 10. birgit nilsson 11. kirsten flagstad 12. richard wagner blogspot 13. vorspiel zur oper die meistersinger von nurnberg 14. birgit nilsson isolde 15. knappertsbusch 1958 ring 16. mild und leise 17. mild und leise wie er lacht 18. parsifal kupfer 19. bayreuth 20. peter hofmann 21. ride of the valkyries 22. vorspiel 23. wagner siegfried horn call 24. waltraud maier 25. wolfgang windgassen

This doesn't tell anything about the frequency these search phrases are used compared to other search phrases, only that this blog has relatively good visibility on these keywords. For example, if you search for "Maria Callas" or "Maria Callas Isolde", you will not find this blog, simply because I haven't written anything about her. (Please also note that the Google results vary from country to country, and that the search engine result pages are in constant change.)

If you would like to tell how you found this blog and something about who you are and what you think thing about a guy they called Richard Wagner, I am sure many fellow-readers would find that interesting.

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