02 March 2008

Götterdämmerung on DVD (Rosalie/Kirchner)

Cover Götterdämmerung Bayreuth 1997 Rosalie/KirchnerThe Kirchner/Rosalie Ring was shown in Bayreuth in 1994-99. The only part of it that was filmed was the Götterdämmerung. I saw this Ring in 1997, and I made interviews with Poul Elming (who played Siegmund in Die Walküre) and John Tomlinson (who was Wotan in Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, and Siegfried). You can read the interviews (only in Norwegian) here. I appreciated the visual power of this Ring (the set design and costumes were by Rosalie), and seeing Götterdämmerung on DVD later hasn't changed my positive feelings, although I must confess that I am also ambivalent.

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