28 March 2008

Oh I want to take photographs of Waltraud Meier!

Multi artist Patti Smith talks about being an artist in an interview with Time Magazine Online. She says it's both a curse and a blessing. She has seen Waltraud Meier as Isolde at La Scala, and not surprisingly she wanted to take photographs of her.

Here is a fragment of the interview:

Patti Smith: Sometimes I wish I could just walk through a garden or a forest and be happy. But no, when I do I want to take a picture, then I want to write a poem. Sometimes I wish I could just relax, and appreciate life without wanting to continually transform all the good that I see into something else. But I think that's why I've always talked about the blessing and curse of being an artist — you have this special gift, but on the other hand you're never satisfied. The only time I have respite is when something is so great, and seems so perfect that I can't possibly, in any part of my conceit, think that I could improve upon it.

Time: When was the last time that happened?

Patti Smith: Tristan and Isolde at La Scala last December, with Waltraud Meier and Ian Storey. It was so beautifully conducted, so exquisitely directed, all the singers so touching that I was transported. It was five hours long, and I was wishing it were five hours more. Of course, though, as soon as time went by, I was like, 'Oh I want to take photographs of Waltraud Meier!'

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