01 May 2008

Filmed version of Flying Dutchman from 1974 out on DVD

This Flying Dutchman is for kids and collectors. For most of us this filmed version is of historical interest. It is actually interesting to see singers like Catarina Ligendza and Donald McIntyre anno 1974, but the production is very dated. It may give first-timers and kids a great experience, though.

One of my favourite Wotans, Donald McIntyre, is disappointing as the Dutchman, but Catarina Ligendza is a treat as Senta, if not because of her "acting".

Conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch was the only one involved who impressed me. His brisk tempi and wonderful focus on details occasionally made me forget the poor acting.

More on on this filmed Dutchman on Wagneropera.net

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