12 June 2008

The Copenhagen Ring on DVD

The Copenhagen Ring DVD is now ready for pre-order. I haven't seen this production yet, but I am greatly looking forward to seeing it. It has been called "The Feminist Ring", and was very controversial and groundbreaking. The Royal Danish Opera will probably restage it, but nothing is decided yet, they say.

Stage director was Danish Kasper Bech Holten.

You can see photos from the production and read a review by Wagner scholar Erling E. Guldbrandsen (only in Norwegian) on Wagneropera.no.

In the production they actually used a baby. On the production blog you can read about it.

More on Wagneropera.net: The Copenhagen Ring on DVD

Review with production photos

Copenhagen Ring ready for pre-order at Amazon


mostly opera... said...

Regarding the "probable restaging", the director (who is also general manager of the Copenhagen Opera) has repeatedly maintained that under no circumstances will it be restaged, as it is a production
typical of the time it was conceived and not appropriated for resurrection. They even claim to have thrown away the sets.

However, I would not be surprised if they indeed DO restage it in say 2013, but all communication from the Theater point at the contrary.

Wagneropera.net said...

Thanks. The press office told me that they might restage it, although not in quite the same form as last time. And nothing could be said on WHEN.

BTW: What was so "typical of the time" that it could not survive a new run? I mean - hey - 2006 and 2009/2010? Has the world changed so much? (Generally, not having seen this production, I would say that it is a sign of weakness if a production is dead and unstageable 3-4 years after the premiere) I would really miss it if they ditch it for good.

Anonymous said...

Being the director of the production and artistic director of the Royal Danish Opera, I can confirm that we have "thrown it away" and that we will not bring it back. We took the decision as we made this "Ring" specifically for the first season of the new opera house, and it was very big and very complicated and cannot possibly fit into repertory with out a lot of rehearsals and stage time. So instead we chose to present nine full cycles in 2005-06 and then to video it. Which also means that there could be space for a new Ring some time in the future.


Wagneropera.net said...

OK, that make sense, Kasper. In other words - it should have been produced in Bayreuth where they DO have a lot of rehearsal time. :-) Really looking forward to the DVD release!