21 June 2008

Liebestod from Konwitschny's Tristan in Munich

At last a decent video on YouTube from Peter Konwitschny's production of Tristan und Isolde in Munich. Waltraud Meier (see photos), now out with a new Isolde on DVD, in Heiner Müller's Bayreuth production (see photos), filmed in 1995.

Note that it takes 8 seconds before the applause begins, a true sign of a cultivated and mature audience. If you have experienced a long silence after a wonderful performance, you know what I mean. Those seconds can be pure magic.

More versions of Liebestod on Wagneropera.net


Guus020 said...

Has more beautiful music ever been written? Hardly and Waltraud is just amazing! Thanks, Guus

Ein Hirt said...

I agree. More beautiful music has never been written. And Waltrud... ;-)