06 June 2008

Simon O'Neill - not Johan Botha

Simon O'Neill will sing Siegmund in the Walküre Act 1 concert performances in Oslo, Berlin and Paris, not Johan Botha, as was announced some places (Norwegian Opera's homepage for example). Botha's agent says:
These concerts were never confirmed from Mr. Botha's or our side and of course
never negociated. Therefore we are surprised that he was announced for
concerts that have never been fixed.
I had been looking forward to hearing Botha, so this is a slight disappointment, but at the time of the concert in Oslo I will still be recovering from 9 days in Bayreuth, and the real star of the evening for us Waltraudians has confirmed that she will sing, so who cares...

BTW: The concert in Berlin will be filmed for release on DVD.

Den Norske Opera

Unbelieveable as it might seem: Tickets are still available for the Oslo performance 20 August.

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