24 June 2008

Wolfgang Wagner's Ring production 1974

Two clips from Wolfgang Wagners production of Der Ring des Nibelungen (1970-1975). As far as I can tell, it is Franz Mazura who is Alberich (in 1974 he was alternating with Gustav Neidlinger). Theo Adam is Wotan. In the Götterdämmerung clip we see Jean Cox as the dying Siegfried, apparently having just been to the hairdresser and spent a lot of money to make his hair look like a carrot cake.

Jean Cox was one of the singers Wolfgang Wagner mentioned when we asked him to tell about some of his highlights as Festival leader (back in 1997). He also mentioned the wonderful Swedish soprano Catarina Ligendza, now living somewhere in southern Germany playing golf and riding horses. She was 70 last year. Wolfgang Wagner also mentioned Waltraud Meier.

Fredric Spotts writes in his book Bayreuth - A History of the Wagner Festival:
"Although a marked improvement on its 1960 predecessor, the Ring neither offended nor enraptured. The audience was no longer challenged to ponder archetypal symbols or social messages but was left to sit back and enjoy straightforward opera theatre."

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Daryl said...

That is definitely Franz Mazura. Great to see this!