10 July 2008

Der kleine Hörsaal - children discover music

Der kleine Hörsaal is a series of CDs where artists like Hilary Hahn, Christian Thielemann, Thomas Quasthoff, Katharina Wagner and Albrecht Mayer, and children listen to music and talk about what they hear. This is actually how music should be taught in school, in my humble opinion. The listening becomes an exciting journey, a new discovery. The children reflect on everything from the sound of the violin, how to stage an opera etc., and they ask questions to the artists about this and that from their pont of view. It is all in German, but maybe you know of something similar in English?

The series include the following CDs:
  • DIE GEIGE mit Hilary Hahn
  • DIRIGIEREN mit Christian Thielemann
  • DIE OBOE mit Albrecht Mayer
  • HÄNSEL UND GRETEL mit Katharina Wagner
  • SINGEN mit Thomas Quasthoff

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