24 August 2008


The new homepage of the Bayreuth Festival has included statistics from previous productions. This is a good start, but I am still missing statistics of the individual singers and their performances at Bayreuth. When did Waltraud Meier sing Brangäne? How many performances as Kurwenal did Hans Hotter sing? What roles did Wolfgang Windgassen sing at Bayreuth?

In Villa Wahnfried they have this information available for their visitors. We live in 2008 now, and it is absurd that this information is not available for the whole world. (Up until now there have been some copyright issues regarding the photos of the artists preventing publication outside Villa Wahnfried). This should be solved. A simple solution is not to use pictures.

If the Bayreuth Festival also have this information (and they should have), publishing it should be an integral part of their search engine optimization strategy. This information will give them valuable traffic from the search engines, not to mention that making the information available will do the work much easier for researchers.

Although not very user friendly, Wagnermania.com has statistics from Bayreuth

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