14 September 2008

Interview with author of "New Bayreuth"

When we were in Bayreuth this summer, my colleague Erling Guldbrandsen and I met Penelope Turing (born in 1925), author of the books New Bayreuth and Hans Hotter – Man and Artist. She has seen every production in Bayreuth since 1952 (!) and has attended the Bayreuth Festival more than 50 times (!). Her experience and perspective is so unique that my colleague and I thought it would be interesting to have her share some of her experiences and thoughts with Wagneropera.net's readers. She generously accepted our invitation to lunch at the Arvena Kongress Hotel on 7 August and talk about the festival, her views on Wieland and Wolfgang Wagner's productions and much more.

Read the interview with Penelope Turing on Wagneropera.net

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