05 October 2008

Metropolitan Ring is the best seller on Amazon.com

metropolitan ringAccording to the Amazon.com Sales Rank, the Metropolitan Ring with the team James Levine and Otto Schenk is the best selling Complete Ring set on DVD, followed rather unexpectedly by the Copenhagen Ring and not so unexpectedly by the Chereau Ring. That Amazon.com is selling more items of the Amsterdam Ring than the Bayreuth Ring with Barenboim and Kupfer is very surprising.

Metropolitan Ring: #15,341
Copenhagen Ring: #25,915
Chereau Ring: #32,918
Amsterdam Ring: #65,990
Barenboim/Kupfer: #66,702
Barcelona Ring: #102,149
Stuttgart Ring: #110,295

Which of these do you think belong in a Wagnerian's DVD library?

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LGarbarini said...

Exception made for the Barcelona's Ring, I have all the ones available on DVD. I like Chereau/Boulez for the high quality of the production and for the acting, I like Baremboim/Kupfer for the quality of conducting and singing, but I think the best is the Copenhagen Ring because, even if every single aspect of the production can be of less impact (for example, the conducting of Schonwandt when compared with that of Baremboim), all these elements (conducting, singing, acting, directing...), taken together, give an overwhelming impression and a much more rewarding experience.

Furthermore, the extreme richness of detail and complexity of the direction one can find in the Copenhagen Ring, not only does justice to the work of Wagner but also to those who consider this work the musical equivalent of the works of Shakespeare.

I happened to follow many Ring focusing exclusively on the orchestra. The Copenhagen Ring is one of the rare cases where the ear focused on the orchestra can almost always agree with the eye focused on what happens on stage (often discovering something new and exciting).