23 October 2008

Ring productions at Bayreuth

If you are interested in the Bayreuth Festival or productions of Der Ring des Nibelungen, you should buy Philippe Olivier's book Der Ring des Nibelungen in Bayreuth von den Anfängen bis heute.

The book covers all production at Bayreuth, from the first in 1876 to Tankred Dorst's running now. It is loaded with interesting photographs of productions, singers, rehearsals etc.

Unfortunately it is only available in German.


lgarbarini said...

I contacted Schott in order to know if there are projects to release an English version of the book in question. They replied that an English version is not in sight so far, but a French version is highly possible in the near future.

mostly opera... said...

I have tagged you: http://mostlyopera.blogspot.com/2008/10/tagged.html