12 November 2008

Chéreau's Tristan out on DVD now

Waltraud Meier's extraordinary performance as Isolde in Patrice Chéreau's production of Tristan und Isolde from Teatro alla Scala is now out on DVD. At Amazon.co.uk it costs only £10.49. No I am not kidding. It is practically free. I got my copy today. At Amazon.com no other information than "This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer." is given. This must be a mistake. Anyway, it is available at Amazon.co.uk.

Is this the best Tristan on DVD?

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mostly opera... said...

Yes it is. Due to the entirely compelling combination of Waltraud Meier, Patrice Chéreau and Daniel Barenboim. By all standards, Siegfried Jerusalem on the Bayreuth DVD with Meier and Barenboim is a better Tristan than Storey, however Patrice Chéreau´s production is simply staggering comared to Heiner Müller´s rather static affair.
And Barenboim is more dynamic than in Bayreuth, though the Bayreuth Festival orchestra is a tad more precise than the Scala band.

Neither Brangäne or Kurwenal are particularly good, however Matti Salminen is an excellent Marke.