13 December 2008

Updated Parsifal

Updated: it is now uncertain if this production will be recorded.

Stefan Herheim's production of Parsifal is scheduled to be recorded for DVD release and live streaming in 2010, according to BF Medien. In my opinion it it a wise decision to wait for the third year of production. Then the production should have found its optimal artistic expression, and one can probably get the best available singers. Flower Maidens: Some changes in the Blumenmädchen ensemble are desperately needed. No need to show mercy here.

The Bayreuth Festival 2009 will feature a live streaming of Christoph Marthaler's Tristan und Isolde, a production that has made me very curious since it generally was disliked by the critics. Unfortunately I couldn't get a ticket last summer, so a live streaming right to my computer is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

The Bayreuth 2009 Tristan was a poor production. Not much of a loss if you didn't see it.

Parsifal, however, was magnificent.

Alex Bobotek

Rameau said...

The Tristan DVD is now out. I didn't see it on stage, alas ; it is a wonderful production, intelligent, emotive, profound. Too much (or rather too little, one might say) for many Wagnerians, but don't hesitate !