01 February 2009

Weimar Ring to be released on DVD in May 2009

Weimar Ring

The Weimar Ring, directed by Michael Schulz, is scheduled for DVD release in May 2009.

The production is conducted by Carl St. Clair, who has recently assumed the title of Generalmusikdirektor of the Komische Oper in Berlin.

The director Michael Schulz is a former student of Götz Friedrich. He has recently assumed the post of General Manager (Generalintendant) of the Musiktheater im Revier in Gelsenkirchen.

According to the production company, no other Ring staging, except Chereau’s, stays so close to the text, or has so many characters who are referred to in the libretto but seldom brought to life: Grane, the Ravens, the Rams etc. This Ring is a family saga which takes place over 30 or 40 years. Hence, the Norns as children at the beginning of Rheingold, Siegmund and Sieglinde as children in the overture to Walküre, Hagen as a boy in the beginning of Walküre, and in Siegfried, and as a young man at the end of Siegfried, as well as many other innovative threads which are woven into a single tapestry which is the tetrology.

The casting is also unusual, with a deliberate exchange of roles by the ensemble stars, to emphasize different aspects of a character. There are 3 different Wotans, two different Siegfrieds, two different Alberichs. They are cast according to their psychological development from opera to opera, and to place emphasis on certain aspects of their characters in one opera over another.

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