13 March 2009

A deranged member of the audience

Sometimes you read something that is just so funny... I had a great moment reading Mark Berry's - as always - well written review of the Domingo-Cirkus-Parsifal in Berlin lately. Domingo obviously wasn't prepared, and kept forgetting this and that. The prompter tried to help as best she could, leaving at least one member of the audience a bit confused:

At one point, he [Domingo] simply gave up on a line, whilst there were plentiful instances of mangled syntax – it sounded as though the spear were to melt rather than to heal Amfortas’s wound – accompanied by all too audible interventions from the prompter. To begin with, I thought the latter was a deranged member of the audience, so loud were her contributions.

You can read the whole review over at the Boulezian Blog

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