14 March 2009

Nila Parly recommends Wagner DVDs

Wagneropera.net asked some Wagnerians to recommend five Wagner CDs or DVDs. This is Danish Wagner scholar Nila Parly's recommendations.
  1. Der fliegende Holländer (DVD)
    Bayreuther festspiele 1985. Director: Harry Kupfer. Conductor: Woldemar Nelsson
  2. The Copenhagen Ring (DVD)
    Royal Danish Opera 2006. Director: Kasper Bech Holten. Conductor: Michael Schønwandt.
  3. Der Ring des Nibelungen (DVD)
    Staatsoper Stuttgart, 2002-2003. Directors: Joachim Schlömer, Christoph Nel, Jossi Wieler, and Peter Konwitschny. Conductor: Lothar Zagrosek
  4. Parsifal (DVD)
    Film, 1982. Director: Hans-Jürgen Syberberg
  5. Wagner's Ring Cycle in Anna Russell: "The (first) Farewell Concert", live 1984 (DVD)

Nila Parly is a research fellow in music and theatre at the University of Copenhagen.

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