17 March 2009

The Wagner Journal - March 2009 issue

The March 2009 issue (vol.3, no.1) of The Wagner Journal includes three papers from the conference 'Wagner in Performance: Theory and Practice' convened by The Wagner Journal in association with St Peter's College, Oxford, last November:

‘Staging Wagner – and its History’, in which Robert Sollich argues for a critical attitude towards Wagner, one in which the reception of his works is regarded as an intrinsic part of the oeuvre. He illustrates his thesis with reference to productions of Die Meistersinger by Peter Konwitschny and Katharina Wagner.

In ‘Wagner and German Regietheater: In Search of New Analytical Approaches’ Clemens Risi also offers a theoretical approach to the staging of Wagner, with examples from Harry Kupfer’s Ring, Peter Konwitschny’s Götterdämmerung and Katharina Wagner’s Die Meistersinger.

‘Ring in the New Century’ by Katherine Syer is a conspectus of recent productions of the cycle in Riga, Munich, Toronto, Weimar, Stockholm, Adelaide and Antwerp. Additional visual and audio-visual material is available online at www.ariettamusic.com/syer/.

‘Bayreuth Masterclass in the Dynamics of Change: An Appreciation of Katharina Wagner’s Production of Die Meistersinger’. A further appraisal of the controversial production from the perspective of behavioural change theory

Reviews of :
  • The Paris production of Tristan und Isolde by Peter Sellars, with video by Bill Viola
  • Thomas S. Grey’s Cambridge Companion to Wagner, John W. Barker’s Wagner and Venice, John Lucas’s Thomas Beecham: An Obsession with Music and a round-up by Arnold Whittall of recent scholarly literature on Wagner
  • Reginal Goodall’s 1971 Royal Opera Parsifal with Jon Vickers and Karl Böhm’s Bayreuth Meistersinger of 1968
  • DVDs of the Aix Walküre conducted by Simon Rattle and a Tristan in Dessau directed by the son of Walter Felsenstein
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