28 April 2009

Dusty Lohengrin at ROH

Over at Mark Berry's blog Boulezian the revival of Elijah Moshinsky's Lohengrin production at Royal Opera House has instigated a discussion that we don't see too often. The director has serious objections to Berry's review, and writes that he has tried to get ROH to scrap the production from 1977, and is dissatisfied with ROH for not getting proper time and resources to prepare the revival.

Read Berry's review and the interesting comments here

Updated with some reviews
The Telegraph
Barry Millington
The Times


P Leung said...

This director has reacted in the same way to anyone who expresses even mild criticism. This says a lot about him and it's not nice.

Mark Berry said...

The discussion on another blog, Intermezzo, might also be of interest: http://intermezzo.typepad.com/intermezzo/2009/04/lohengrin-royal-opera-house.html

Anonymous said...

The response that I am making is not to the criticism,but to the conditions we are given for these revivals which to you as public remaina mystery. Please criticise ,I am more critical of my own results thsn anyone.But there is an institutional coverup about the materials and restrictions on the work of rehearsing operas that demand more than simple staging

I am a very sociable and friendly person

But as an artist I will defend my point of view if I feel it has been misunderstood.


Doundou Tchil said...

There are several other reviews that support what Mark and Intermezzo say, not thatv therev is any such thing as a consensus. Reviwers are there to think not to toe party lines.

Seckerson (an extremely perceptive writer) in the Independent :

Barry Millington in the ES

and Richard Morrison in the Times :

Anonymous said...

Elijah, you were not very nice to the leading lady in one blog comment I saw. Maybe she needs a push but is this the best way to do it in public?

Anonymous said...

Particularly as the leading lady was a late replacement. Should she not have support and encouragement from the director?

Anonymous said...

There is zero evidence that the person posting here or on the Mark Berry blog is actually Elijah Moshinsky.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there's been no denial from the director indicates that the person posting on so many different sites is in fact the director, not a troll. Notice that the newspapers have made pretty much the same comments but he hasn't taken them on. Why ? He wants to talk about "institutional coverup", and calls the ROH "Northern Rock" (the bad asset bank that had to be taken over by the state). These are major statements. They would definitely make the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Maybe. He seems to have a reputation for this. Here he is speaking out a long time ago.

He seems to make sweeping statements eg in above link about Welsh National Opera which I love (almost always), but I am from Wales!

Probably it's not upsetting for the performers and production team. They know him, respect him, but maybe have a good laugh at his expense knowing his character/eccentricities.