08 April 2009

Herheim triumphs with Lohengrin in Berlin

Dorothea Röschmann as Elsa in Stefan Herheim's new production of Lohengrin. Photo: Karl Forster / Staatsoper Berlin

Stefan Herheim has again created a great Wagner production, this time at Staatsoper Berlin.

Read more about my thoughts about the production on Wagneropera.net


Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading the review of mostlyopera: she says almost exactly the contrary (in very simple words: up Baremboim, down Herheim).

Where is something that can be considered more or less the truth about this production in general and about Herheim in particular?

(For what concerns Barenboim: at La Scala is considered superficial (he rehearses very few and badly) and his nickname is "Il marchettaro", so I think your judgement is correct)

per-erik skramstad said...

Anonymous: It is always interesting to read different reviews. Sometimes one wonders if one has been to the same performance.
Regarding Barenboim: The performances on 8 & 12 April were obviously much better than the premiere.
My "review" was an attempt to understand the concept. To me the whole idea of making Lohengrin an existential journey where a complicated web of play (in many meanings!) and play within the play made sense from the first bar. To me Herheim made sense of a rather non-sense fairytale plot with some elements that are far worse than the nationalism in Meistersinger. But what impresses me most about Herheim is the musicality in his productions.
There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to experience. One might dislike a concept or not understand it, but all the same appreciate the craft behind it.