22 May 2009

Helene Grimaud on Wagner’s piano in Villa Wahnfried

Hélène Grimaud and the charity event “Kindercamp in Concert” in Bayreuth: Hélène Grimaud will perform in Villa Wahnfried on 24th July 2009, the day before the official opening of the 2009 Bayreuth Festival. Grimaud is performing exclusively for the international charity project Kindercamp Villa Sans Souci. With this charity event Hélène Grimaud is embarking on a series of concerts and cultural events devoted to the Kindercamp Villa Sans Souci initiative.

This concert is given to a limited number of 80 guests who are all dedicated to supporting children and young people with life-threatening illnesses.

Hélène Grimaud will perform part of the programme on Wagner’s original Steinway piano (1876) in addition to playing works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Bach arrangements by Franz Liszt, Ferruccio Busoni and Sergej Rachmaninoff.

The concert concludes the forum Music in Dialog, an initiative of the International Business Magazine Drive, devoted to the subject “Regietheater”. A number of well-known experts including Christian Thielemann, TV producer Dieter Wedel and Laurenz Lütteken from the University of Zurich will discuss Regietheater with Nina Ruge as moderator.

This event will be rounded-off by a public viewing of works by the photographic artist Mat Hennek. Galerie Bernheimer Fine Arts is presenting the international photographer’s works „Soul of Music“, a series of portraits of famous musicians, during the entire Bayreuth Festival.

In 1999 Hélène Grimaud founded the Wolf Conservation Center of South Salem to study the animals’ habits in a natural environment. Alongside notable physicians Hélène Grimaud has become a member of the Board of the German-American Foundation International Kindercamp Villa Sans Souci which was founded in 2006. The activities of the foundation are focused on setting up an institution of medical capacity to support children and young people with life threatening illnesses.

In the magnificent surrounding of Brandenburg with plenty of lakes, young people suffering from physical and psychological disease will be living together to regain power for a new life after a period of pain and misery.

Villa Wahnfried
Bayreuth Festival 2009

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