10 July 2009

In fernem Land - many versions on Wagneropera.net

On the Themes section of Wagneropera.net, I have started to collect versions of Lohengrin's Grail narrative, In fernem Land (Act 3 of Lohengrin). My personal favourite is Sandor Konya, who is unsurpassed when it comes to expressing the tragedy of Lohengrin's destiny. Konya is THE Lohengrin as a tragic hero. Sandor Konya sang Lohengrin at Bayreuth in 1958, 59, 60 and 1967.

A wonderful, but highly eccentric, version is Ivan Kozlovsky's Gralserzählung. I must confess I had never heard him before I heard this on YouTube. Hearing Lohengrin in Russian is a treat in itself, and Kozlovsky sings both beautifully and with a very personal approach, which I like.

In fernem Land - many versions

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