01 August 2009

Bayreuth Tristan via Internet on Sunday 9 August

The Wagner Festival in Bayreuth 2009 has started, and if you are among the ones who don't have a ticket, you can always see one of the performances on your computer - simultaneously with the audience in the Bayreuth Festival Theatre. This year Siemens Festival Night 2009 presents Christoph Marthaler's production of Tristan und Isolde on Sunday, 9 August 2009, 3 PM CET, live from the Bayreuth Festival Theatre (transmission begins at 2.45 p.m.).

The price is only €14.90

I haven't seen the Marthaler Tristan, so I cannot recommend the production. It doesn't seem to be a favourite, though, neither among the critics nor the public. My colleague blogger Mostly Opera says this about Christoph Marthaler's productions: "The occasional problem with Marthaler, however, is that his idea of "everyday life" constitues an endlessly sad grey-shaded world of what looks like a closed Eastern European working class environment 30 years ago." Read Mostly Opera's review of his Tristan here.

Last year Katharina Wagner's production of Meistersinger could be seen all over the world. Next year Herheim's Parsifal is scheduled to shown.

With the webcast you can either watch the performance live on 9 August 2009 or you have one possibility to watch it on demand at a time of your own choice between the 10th and 23rd of August 2009.

All broadcast times are stated in Central European Summer Time.

Read more about seeing Tristan from Bayreuth at home here

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