20 August 2009

Bayreuther Festspiele with weak leadership

Katharina Wagner has decided not to record Parsifal and release the Herheim production on DVD. No good reasons has been given except a nonsensical statement: „Es gibt Probleme mit der Rechteübertragung.“

A leader is supposed to find solutions. There has been money issues discussed regarding a development of the production in the Bayreuth Werkstatt spirit. These matters could have been (or: still can be) solved if there had been sufficient will from the management.

Finding a solution to this conflict is very important to the Wagner world - and I would also say to the Bayreuth Festival. Giving the world the postcard production of Die Walküre makes no sense when a spectacular and ground breaking production like Parsifal - a symbol of the new, post-Wolfgang era - can be produced. The signals that are being sent out is that there is some kind of management crisis on the Green Hill.

The Parsifal production is perfect for DVD, and the Wagner world should have it documented for posterity. It is a matter of history writing and documenting the productions that really are valuable. Wasn't the new policy supposed to be "openness"? Recording the Tancred Dorst Walküre as a substitution is really an insult to the opera and Bayreuth lovers.

As I said: A leader is supposed to find solution. Not releasing Parsifal on DVD is no solution.


Anonymous said...

nooooo! wagnerians unite against this travesty! herheim's parsifal is outstanding and absolutely ought to be recorded. can't say the same about dorst's walkuere unfortunately.

inter mezzo said...

based on the radio broadcasts, I would far, far rather listen to Thielemann's already-legendary Walküre than Gatti's ordinary Parsifal. The Walküre deserves immortalising for that reason alone, regardless of the visual aspects.

But I do want to see Herheim's Parsifal. It's a shame they can't record both - is it really that expensive and difficult to make a DVD, given some of the cost would be recouped in sales?

I suspect there's a back story we are not privy to.

per-erik said...

Thielemann Ring will be released on CD in a couple of months.