03 August 2009

Daniele Gatti with a faster Parsifal 2009

Much has been written about Daniele Gatti's slow tempi in last year's Bayreuth production of Parsifal. Maybe he felt that the chosen tempi last year were too extreme, for this year his "new" interpretation is a bit more aligned with the general expectations.

From the first bar of Sunday's performance at Bayreuth, one could hear that Daniele Gatti had chosen a swifter approach, and that the orchestra played better for him now. The sound was more polished and mainstream, perhaps losing some of the eccentricity from the first year - which I appreciated. Anyway, as heard on the radio, the performance moved up a couple of levels from last year.

I made some comparisons between yesterday's performance and the premiere performance 2008, which indicates Gatti's new faster approach:

Act 1

From the first bar to Gurnemanz's "He! Ho! Waldhüter ihr"
2009: 13:08
2008: 14:36
Still slow, even compared to Mr. Slow Himself, Hans Knappertsbusch: 12:14 (1962)

From the first bar to Kundry's "Nicht Dank! Haha! Was wird es helfen?"
2009: 27:10
2008: 28:57

From the first bar to Kundry's "Ich ... helfe nie"
2009: 33:44
2008: 35:42

From the first bar to Dritter Knappe's "Doch, Väterchen, sag' und lehr' uns fein"
2009: 38:36
2008: 40:44


Act 3

From the first bar to Gurnemanz's "Von dorther kam das Stöhnen"
2009: 05:02
2008: 05:48

From the first bar to "Heil dir, mein Gast!"
2009: 13:23
2008: 14:58

From the first bar to Parsifal's "Heil mir, dass ich dich wiederfinde!"
2009: 20:33
2008: 22:08

From the first bar to Und ich, ich bin's,
2009: 30:44
2008: 32:15


Anonymous said...

It was faster, but not consistent. And I found the singing, specially Kundry, a bit unexciting. I found the 'BORING!' at the end of act 2 rather correct. Did you catch it?

Per-Erik said...

Hello, Anonymous
1. What do you mean "not consistent"? Not following the metronome?
2. I totally disagree that Fujimura is "a bit unexciting".
3. I heard the booer right after Act 2, but if he was shouting "boring" and not simply was booing, it must have been a retard. Act 2 is not boring, no matter what you think of the production.

Have you seen the production?

Raul said...

1. I found the tempi erratic in some places, like he couldn't decide what speed to go.
2. Not bad, but no Kundry
3. Not sure who he was booing, but I recorded and it is very obvious.
I love this opera, and love act 2, but I was getting annoyed at times by what I heard in general. If anything, Fujimora made it the most boring as she didn't have an edge or sexyness that other singers bring or have brought to this role.
I have not seen this, or any live Bayreuth production, but from what I've read I'm not surprised with booing from some in the audience.
Raul in Miami, aka anonymous

Per-Erik Skramstad said...

Raul in Miami, yes I agree that Fujimura is not the sexiest sounding Kundry.

Got a copy of the broadcast to share? Then plz email me :-)