05 August 2009

Public viewing

According to Die Zeit, the public at Volksfestplatz in Bayreuth will be presented the not very exciting Walküre (stage director: Tancred Dorst) next year.

Then the following operas will be shown:
2011 Lohengrin (premiere this year)
2012 Tannhäuser (premiere this year)
2013 The Complete Ring (premiere this year)

I am not sure this policy is wise. At Bayreuth productions normally grow and mature for each year. Wolfgang Wagner knew this. Thank god Chereau's Ring or Kupfer's Ring were not recorded the first year!

Quality suffers - sensationalism wins. I totally agree with the new leaders wanting to get out of the bunker, but quality must always have first priority. Commercializing is good, but the quality of the product is sacred.

20.000 Bayreuthers are expected to see the public viewing of Tristan on Sunday.

What is your view on this?

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Raul/Miami said...

The times, they are a changing!