24 September 2009

Holten and Herheim with Tannhäuser

Scandinavia's perhaps two most interesting opera directors, Kasper Holten and Stefan Herheim, will both do new Tannhäuser productions this winter.

First out is Danish Kasper Holten, who is Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Opera. His Tannhäuser production will premiere on 20 December 2009. Wagner lovers will know Holten's work from the Copenhagen Ring, one of the most Kasper Holteninteresting Rings on the DVD market, a great achievement the Royal Danish Opera can be very proud of.

Wagneropera.net asked Holten about his upcoming Tannhäuser. How is it possible to make this opera make sense for the modern man?

Read the interview with Kasper Holten here

On 6 March 2010 Stefan Herheim's production of Tannhäuser will premiere in Oslo. Visually and thematically the opera situation in Norway will play a certain role. Norwegians are not used to so called Regietheater productions, and wouldn't immediately expect to see the Salvation Army in a Tannhäuser production, which they will. This will be Herheim's first Wagner in Oslo, and expectations are high after his successful Wagner productions in Berlin (Lohengrin) and Bayreuth (Parsifal).

Read the Tannhäuser interview with Kasper Holten here
The Royal Danish Opera

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