28 November 2009

Tom Tykwer [NOT] to direct Wagner's Ring 2013 at Bayreuth

UPDATED: Katharina Wagner says that Tom Tykwer will NOT direct the Ring at Bayreuth in 2013.
According to a well-informed source, the film director Tom Tykwer will direct the Ring at Bayreuth in 2013. 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner's birth, so this production is regarded as a special event. There will be numerous Ring productions all over the world this year.

Tykwer is also a composer of film music. His soundtrack career grew out of financial necessity. According to his Homepage he had no budget for a composer, so turned his own hand to the task. These first composing experiences led him to the "great discovery that the composition process actually begins with the scriptwriting, and that with the search for the language of the film, it finds its tone melody and harmony." Meanwhile, Tom Tykwer has put his music to all his films.

Originally motivated by putting together a soundtrack, the music now composed by Pale 3 (Tykwer/Klimek/Heil) is not only film music. And in co-operation with Xaver Naudascher, the creative process of scoring music outside the realm of cinema is sometimes a kind of liberation. "It is like with writing or painting: with a semi-elaborate computer, music you think up can be transformed immediately. The music exists, regardless as to whether or not you have any financial backing."

Tom Tykwer's motto on his Homepage is:
"I like everything that speaks to me loudly, and that gives me a vision. I don't care about the genre. It's the same for all arts, and the same for film and for music."

Tom Tykwer's filmography:
True (short film)
The Princess + the Warrior
Run Lola Run
Winter Sleepers
Deadly Maria
Epilog (short film)
Because (short film)

Tom Tykwer's Homepage
Tom Tykwer on IMDB.com


Janette Griffiths said...

Oh dear....I thought Perfume was the ugliest film I had seen in years - repugnant. I had to leave the theatre. Twyker had the impossible task of conveying odour via odourless celluloid. But he chose such heavy-handed means that they distracted from the narrative, and all interest in character and emotion was sacrificed to sensation. This does not bode well for The Ring. Oh well, there's always Seattle Opera's production...

Anonymous said...

Didn't like Perfume either but loved Run Lola Run, Winter Sleepers and the Princess and the Warrior. Werner Herzog did a fantastic job with Wagner. Tom Tykwer could provide us with a very interesting production...."could" is the operative word here.

Basenji73 said...

I think he would be a very creative director, I very much liked his films (IF the "informed source" is right... I heard the same about Quentin Tarantino)
But did Twyker ever do opera?
If I could make a choice for Wagner Sisters it would be Philipp Stölz - did a wonderful Holländer in Basel and I am looking forward to his Rienzi at the Deutsche Oper Berlin!