03 February 2010

Adrienne Dugger and Bayreuth agreement

Adrienne Dugger and Bayreuth has finally reached an agreement about payment after the singer was sent home from the 2008 Festival, according to DPA (via Festspiele.de). A few weeks before the 2008 Festival started, the Festival stated that Dugger had withdrawn of "personal reasons", which is the Bayreuth Festival's way of saying that they (Christian Thielemann) did not want her to sing Brünnhilde in the Thielemann/Dorst Ring. The Ring was recorded that summer and recently released on CD with Linda Watson as Brünnhilde.

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Anonymous said...

And what a disgrace that whole episode was. Adrienne Dugger is probably the finest interpreter of Wagner's heroines that I've ever heard and as far as I'm concerned the festival let go of a fine talent all because of that poor excuse of a conductor Thielemann and his beyreuth dictatorship. She is still singing brilliantly today and it's a crying shame that she isn't being employed by the worlds major houses. Beyreuth and Thielemann can hang their heads in shame.