23 February 2010

Bayreuth Festival 2010 cast announced

The Bayreuth Festival 2010 cast has been announced on the Bayreuther Festspiele Homepage.

The unpleasant Sachs role in Katharina Wagner's Meistersinger sees a replacement once again. Now James Rutherford is replacing Alan Titus (who last year replaced Franz Hawlata). Missed will the wonderful Sieglinde by Eva-Maria Westbroek be, although Edith Haller should be a good replacement. Johan Botha's Siegmund will certainly be a popular face among those who are more concerned with voice than allround music theatre skills. He replaces Endrik Wottrich, who says goodbye for good to Bayreuth. The disgraceful plans of video filming this Walküre instead of Parsifal have not, according to our sources, been changed during the cold winter.

Bayreuth veteran Eric Halfvarson replaces Hans-Peter König as Hagen in Götterdämmerung, the best of the four productions of Tancred Dorst's highly forgettable Ring production.

As already mentioned here on the Wagner blog, Susan Maclean will replace Mihoko Fujimura as Kundry in Herheim's Parsifal production, and Lance Ryan will replace Christian Franz as Siegfried.

Klaus Florian Vogt doesn't betray Katharina - his Walther is one of the highlights of the current Bayreuth festivals, although Katharina's interpretation of the character is not a favourite among the conservative elements in Bayreuth. A highlight this year will also most certainly be Jonas Kaufmann in the Neuenfels Lohengrin.

The cast of Hans Neuenfels' new production of Lohengrin is:
Lohengrin Jonas Kaufmann
Heinrich der Vogler Georg Zeppenfeld
Elsa von Brabant Annette Dasch
Friedrich von Telramund Lucio Gallo
Ortrud Evelyn Herlitzius
Der Heerrufer des Königs Samuel Youn
1. Edler Stefan Heibach
2. Edler Willem van der Heyden
3. Edler Rainer Zaun
4. Edler Christian Tschelebiew

Samuel Youn has a wide Wagner repertoire, singing (or having sung) Wotan, Kurwenal, Gunther, Hagen, Amfortas, Klingsor, Biterolf, Holländer, Donner. At Bayreuth he has previously sung 2. Gralsritter (2004-2007), and Reinmar von Zweter (2005 and 2007).

Bayreuth Festival 2010 info here


Operarose said...

Thanks for posting this up, very exciting to see the new cast for this production at the festival! Although as you say Eva-Maria Westbroek will be missed from the performance. Looking forward to the festival.

Tiago Picão d'Abreu said...

I am so glad with the replacement of Endrik Wottrich. He was awfull as Siegmund when I saw it in 2008. He even cough at the final of first act! Verry bad.