18 February 2010

Lance Ryan to sing Siegfried at Bayreuth 2010

Lance Ryan will sing Siegfried in the Tancred Dorst production of Der Ring des Nibelungen at Bayreuth this summer. Lance Ryan will also sing the role in Cologne in June, in Shanghai (expo 2010) in September, in Strasbourg in Feb 2011, in Frankfurt 2011/12, in München 2012, in Berlin 2012, at La Scala 2012, in Florence 2013. This has been confirmed by Lance Ryan's agent.

Lance Ryan also sings Siegfried on the Valencia Ring on DVD/Bluray.

There will also be other cast changes: Endrik Wottrich is leaving Bayreuth for good, he says, and Johan Botha will replace him as Siegmund. Since acting skills are not required in the postcard production by Tancred Dorst, this will be a fine replacement. As mentioned before, Susan Maclean will replace Mihoko Fujimura as Kundry in Stefan Herheim's Parsifal production.

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Bayreuth Festival 2010

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Kathleen said...

Lance Ryan was fantastic as Sigfried in Bayreuth 2010. He not only captured the spirit of a spoiled Sigfried, but his voice never wavered. It made for a truly unforgettable opera festival experience!