05 February 2010

Ute Vinzig

Dramatic soprano Ute Vinzig as Brünnhilde in the Wagner concert Leonard Bernstein did with the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna, 1985.

Finding reliable info about Vinzig has proved to be difficult. Do you know anything about her?

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NV said...

Well not much. I saw her two times in France in Walküre. The first time in Paris in the théatre du chatelet in a concert performance with Mc Intyre (whose voice didn't go until the end...), Janowski conducting. The second time, in Orange. With Janowski too. And maybe Gary Lakes and Robert Hale. She was very powerful (it is necessary in Orange) but I fear a bit shrilling and she lacked to convey real emotion. A kind of Linda Watson... But well we all heared worse singers than Vinzing or Watson. My first Brünnhilde was Roberta Knie...