09 March 2010

Herheim's Tannhäuser in Oslo a major achievement

Stefan Herheim seduces the Norwegian audiences to applaud their own escapism in a spectacular new production of Tannhäuser at The Norwegian National Opera in Oslo. Tannhäuser is split between the comforting world of one-dimensional escapist opera productions (Venusberg) and the narrow-minded religious world of those who have seen the Light, here: The Salvation Army.


The production quotes Herheim's other Wagner projects (Parsifal at Bayreuth and Lohengrin in Berlin) on several occasions, making the three productions a unity, exploring many of the same themes.

The cast is of very high quality lead by two superb tenors in the title role (Gary Lehmann and Scott MacAllister) and the rising star Elisabet Strid as Elisabeth, the so-called Personenregie is superbly detailed and the fast transforming scene changes are spectacular. The production is a major achievement for the Norwegian National Opera. And it is simply not possible to avoid it if you are interested in music theatre. Unfortunately all 9 performances are sold out...

There will be more on the production on Wagneropera.net later

Videos with some short clips from  rehearsals and dress rehearsals (sorry, only in Norwegian):



wagneriana said...

Hi, which version did they use? Hope you'll add more photos/videos as well. Raul in Miami

per-erik said...


Photos will come, that's for sure.

Charlie said...

It was breathtaking. We went for the weekend and not only was the production sensational and the chorus incredibly good but the building itself is nothing short of spectacular. Rarely is opera more immediate or so thrillingly alive. Oslo deserves many new visitors on the strength of this.

P.E. said...

I saw several of Herheims productions in Berlin when I lived there, and I definitively believe that his way of producing and giving life to Wagners operas is something that would come very good at expression in a house with as many possibilities, technically, as the Oslo Opera. Hopefully, one day, Norway will be able to provide singers to fill the shoes of the variety of wagnerian roles, allthough there is nothing wrong with inviting guest singers.