28 May 2010

Stephen Fry at the Bayreuth Festival

Stephen Fry goes to Bayreuth for BBC to dive into the mixed emotiones he has for Richard Wagner and his music. He discusses how political history has unavoidably stained the reputation of Wagner, a hero to the Nazi regime whose music nonetheless remains a towering achievement. On his journey, Fry also goes to Villa Wahnfried, Villa Wesendonck in Zurich and meets Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, a cellist and survivor of Auschwitz, at her home in London. But the highlight is undoubtedly when he visits the Bayreuth Festival.

Stephen Fry concludes the programme with an advise to try to listen to Wagner's music for those who haven't already done so. I have no difficulty agreeing with Fry's final words:

"I still believe, as firmly as I believe anything, that his work is important and is on the side of the angels. It is fundamentally good."

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Daryl said...

Two of my favorite things on the planet that I had no clue were connected: Richard Wagner and Stephen Fry. This is marvelous!