23 August 2010

Vogt replaces Kaufmann and sets new applause record for 2010

Fanfare before Lohengrin Act 3 at the Bayreuth Festival 2010.

Klaus Florian Vogt replaced Jonas Kaufmann in the Neuenfels "rat production" of Lohengrin on 22 August and set new applause record for 2010 with 35 minutes.

It's old news now, but Kaufmann will not return to the Green Hill next year. Klaus Florian Vogt will replace him and sing both Walther von Stolzing and Lohengrin.


Anonymous said...

Act 3 was incomplete yesterday, wasn't it? It caught me unawared, so I might be wrong. But I think the swan appeared unexpectedly early, some part after the "Gralserzählung" and "Der Schwan! Seht dort ihn wieder nahn!" was missing. Can anybody confim that?

Anonymous said...

That's the traditional cut you will be likely to hear in 95% of all staged productions of LOHENGRIN around the world.
It spares the tenor from a lot of singing...

Vogt will NOT be singing Stolzing next year. There will be a new tenor.