02 March 2011

Bayreuth Festival 2011 Cast Announced

Detlef Roth as Amfortas in Stefan Herheim's Parsifal production at Bayreuth. Photo: Enrico Nawrath / Bayreuther Festspiele

The cast of the Bayreuth Festival 2011 has been announced with no great surprises. The new Tannhäuser by Sebastian Baumgarten includes two Scandinavian Nordic Wagner singers, Lars Cleveman as Tannhäuser and Camilla Nylund as Elisabeth. And after hearing Michael Nagy as Wolfram von Eschenbach in Stefan Herheims firework of a Tannhäuser in Oslo, I am sure he will be a new favourite among the Bayreuth audiences when he makes his Bayreuth debut in this role this summer.

A couple of changes in Hans Neuenfels innovative Lohengrin production. The Bayreuth darling above all, Klaus Florian Vogt, will sing Lohengrin, Petra Lang Ortrud and Tómas Tómasson Friedrich von Telramund.

Christoph Marthaler's underrated Tristan production will have the same cast as before, with Peter Schneider am Pult, Robert Dean Smith as Tristan and Iréne Theorin as Isolde.

In Frau Wagner's Meistersinger Georg Zeppenfeld steps in as Veit Pogner and Burkhard Fritz will sing Walther von Stolzing as Klaus Florian Vogt concenrates on his Lohengrin role.

In Stefan Herheim's Parsifal (still no Blu-ray/DVD planned, it seems), the cast is almost identical to before, with Detlef Roth as Amfortas, Kwangchul Youn as Gurnemanz and Susan Maclean as Kundry. Only one change is noted: Simon O'Neill takes over as Christopher Ventris departs from the Green Hill.


David said...

Has the identity of this year's video transmission/webcast/blu-ray/DVD been decided? Since Meistersinger and Tristan, along with last year's now-defunct Walküre, are available, that leaves Parsifal, Lohengrin, and the new Tannhäuser from this year's lineup.


Anonymous said...

Well, one scandinavian singer to be fair. Camilla Nylund is from Finland, thus not scandinavian, but from another nordic country.

Per-Erik Skramstad said...

David: Lohengrin this year, Tannhäuser next year...
Anonymous: Changed it to Nordic ;)

David said...

Any idea why Parsifal isn't among the video plans?

James said...

I emailed Opus Arte to see whether there were any plans to release Parsifal. Alas no response at all.