28 August 2011

Tickets to the Bayreuth Festival 2012

For the Festival Season 2012 there will be some novelties in Bayreuth Festival's ticket sale: For the first time tickets can be applied for online.

At http://ticket.btfs.de applicants can register starting September 15, 2011. First time applicants can register her. Repeat orders can also be placed in the system: The customers receive a personal access code with their annual ticket order form which takes into account their application and ticket history. Application via post is also possible.

In addition, it will also be possible to pay for the ticket invoice by credit card.


Vecchio John said...

The link does not appear to work. Still have to wait 10 years for tickets I suppose.

Per-Erik Skramstad said...

Yes, I know. It looks rather unprofessional, but I guess everything will work when ticket sales start.