26 March 2012

Keith Warner stages new Parsifal in Copenhagen

The Royal Danish Opera presents a new Parsifal production, directed by Keith Warner

Director: Keith Warner
Set designer: Es Devlin
Costume designer: Jorge Jara
Lighting designer: Davy Cunningham
Choreographer: Karl Schreiner
Dramaturge: Barry Millington

Conductor Hartmut Haenchen

Stig Fogh Andersen, Parsifal
Johnny van Hal, Parsifal
Stephen Milling, Gurnemanz
John Lundgren, Amfortas
Randi Stene, Kundry
Tina Kiberg, Kundry
Harry Peeters, Klingsor
Sten Byriel, Titurel
Bengt-Ola Morgny, 1. grail knight
Bo Anker Hansen, 2. grail knight
Sine Bundgaard, An esquire/ Flower maiden
Silja Schindler, An esquire/flower maiden
Verena Gunz, An esquire / Flower maiden
Bo Kristian Jensen, An esquire
Gert Henning-Jensen, An esquire
Inger Dam-Jensen, Flower maiden
Anne Margrethe Dahl, Flower maiden
Djina Mai-Mai, Flower maiden
Hanne Fischer, Flower maiden/ A voice from above

Monday 26.03.2012
Wednesday 11.04.2012
Saturday 14.04.2012
Wednesday 18.04.2012
Sunday 22.04.2012
Monday 30.04.2012
Friday 04.05.2012
Tuesday 08.05.2012
Sunday 13.05.2012

“Parsifal is a mythic narrative, full of sexual debauchery and religious dogma.
It confronts us fundamentally with our beliefs and our understanding of who we are.”
Keith Warner on Parsifal

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