17 May 2012

The haunted house of history

The haunted house of history - a Wagnerian theatre opera about the horrors of modern history is a joint production with the Operadagen Rotterdam, the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Hebbel am Ufer and NTGent.

On May 25th 2012, during Operadagen Rotterdam, the new production The haunted house of history, will open on the Schouwburgplein in the middle of Rotterdam. After that it will tour festivals and theatres in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

In The haunted house of history, Wunderbaum wages war against the excesses of the frivolity culture. What the world needs now is decisiveness, is action, is taking steps: ‘Escape from Escapism’. Zombies, populists, stained birds and Steve Jobs are portrayed one after another in this horrifying beseeching appeal to no less than the entire human kind.

At Wunderbaum’s request, Gerardjan Rijnders wrote the text for this production, inspired by Histrionics (Der Theatermacher) by Thomas Bernhard. Simon Lenski (DAAU) and Bo Wiget have orchestrated and will play music by Richard Wagner, assisted by bass-baritone singer Marc Pantus and soprano Lies Vandewege.

More information about the performance: www.wunderbaum.nl.