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Tankred Dorst's Ring exits - being vociferously booed

Tankred Dorst's production of Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Bayreuth Festival is now history. The last Götterdämmerung was performed on 25 August 2010 with a marvellous Lance Ryan as Siegfried and a Festival orchestra I have never heard better. From day 1 this has been Christian Thielemann's Ring , and the orchestra has responded with better playing for each year. The quality of the singer-actors (to the extent that acting was necessary in this Ring), on the other hand, has varied. For me the highlights has been Eva-Maria Westbroek's Sieglinde, Arnold Bezuyen's Loge, Gerhard Siegel's Mime, Lance Ryan's Götterdämmerung-Siegfried, Johan Botha's Siegmund (best enjoyed with closed eyes), Kwangchul Youn's Hunding and - of course - Andrew Shore's outstanding Alberich. The director, Tankred Dorst, has received massive criticism, both from the press and the merciless Bayreuth audience. It's not even a secret that some of the principle singers has had

Vogt replaces Kaufmann and sets new applause record for 2010

Fanfare before Lohengrin Act 3 at the Bayreuth Festival 2010. Klaus Florian Vogt replaced Jonas Kaufmann in the Neuenfels "rat production" of Lohengrin on 22 August and set new applause record for 2010 with 35 minutes. It's old news now, but Kaufmann will not return to the Green Hill next year. Klaus Florian Vogt will replace him and sing both Walther von Stolzing and Lohengrin.