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Wagner's Ring - an alternative version by Stefan Kaminski

Kaminski ON AIR is a Live-Theater-Performance-Format, that appears wild, audiophile, funny and tragic at the same time. A mixture between One Man-Theater + Band-Chemistry + Radioplay-Performance. Stefan Kaminski uses well-known sujets or stories in order to deform and mix them up with other influences of storytelling (other shows: ” KONG!” or “It Came from above”). Digging deep into Wagners RING was the first step into a World-Drama – it’s a great playground for Stefan Kaminski – he metamorphs into all the figures, creating atmospheres and soundtracks with his musicians, that play very special instruments (Glass-Harp, E-Cello) or play good old instruments in a different way in order to reinvent Wagners musical landscapes. You'll will find musical motives of the original, you will even remember the lines out of the libretto – but all in all it’s the good old story, told with passion, but in a modern, young and alternative way. Kaminski ON AIR will be on tour with Rheingold