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'Freud and Parsifal' issue of the Wagner Journal is out

The July 2017 Wagner Journal (vol.11, no.2) is now out. It is a special 'Freud and Parsifal' issue containing the following feature articles: 'Parsifal as Castration Drama' by Ivan Ward 'Wagner, Freud and Nietzsche in Berlin' by Tom DeRose 'Wagner's Parsifal: a Hymn of Purity' by Stephen Gee 'Kundry's Kiss and the Fear of Female Desire: a Gender Perspective' by Eva Rieger 'Interpreting Wagner's Dreams: Staging Parsifal in the Twenty-first Century' by Mark Berry 'Syberberg's Parsifal and the Soul of Germany' by Patrick Carnegy plus reviews of: Kasper Holten's Die Meistersinger at Covent Garden, Keith Warner's Wahnfried in Karlsruhe, productions of Lohengrin by Kasper Holten and Claus Guth in Berlin and Paris, and productions of Tristan und Isolde by Michael Schulz and Barrie Kosky in Gelsenkirchen and Essen. DVD of Kasper Holten's Das Liebesverbot in Madrid Tom Artin's What Parsifal