10 March 2012

Harry Kupfer's Parsifal production soon to be released on DVD

The long awaited Parsifal production from 1992 by Harry Kupfer will be released in March by EuroArts. This production marked Daniel Barenboim’s appointment as the artistic director of the Berlin State Opera. The cast is made up of the finest Wagnerian singers of the period, all of whom enjoyed substantial international careers. All the principle singers - Poul Elming, Falk Struckmann, John Tomlinson, Waltraud Meier, Günter von Kannen and Fritz Hübner celebrated successful achievements at the Bayreuth Festival around the time of this production.

Parsifal: Poul Elming; Amfortas: Falk Struckmann; Gurnemanz: John Tomlinson; Kundry: Waltraud Meier; Klingsor: Günter von Kannen; Titurel: Fritz Hübner Flowermaidens: Carola Höhn, Brigitte Eisenfeld, Borjana Mateewa, Carola Nossek, Laura Aikin, Elvira Dreßen; Knights: Peter Bindszus, Gerd Wolf; Squires: Peter Menzel, Andreas Schmidt, Elvira Dreßen, Efrat Ben-Nun; Alto: Rosemarie Lang

Staatskapelle Berlin conducted by Daniel Barenboim.

The production has previously been released on VHS.


Anonymous said...

Actually never seen this prouduction, Eichingers I have seen three times and I love it. So beatuiful scenes, love the snow in Central park.

Anonymous said...

Actually I just looked at your site a couple of days ago wondering when you´d find out about this release :)

Easily the best Parsifal on DVD, in my opinion.